March 12

Announcement On PCIe M.2 PX Series Duplicator Upgrade


Our well-received PX360E M.2 SSD duplicator is getting an upgrade while we expand the product lines.

We gladly announce that PX M.2 series now directly supports both native NVMe & SATA protocols.

Previously, the PX360E series would only directly support native NVMe protocol. Despite being the latest, our customers found it necessary to cross copy data between NVMe and SATA protocols. PX M.2 series can now copy from SATA to SATA, NVMe to NVMe, SATA to NVMe, or NVMe to SATA with automatic cross-signal detection.

To further improve this, we now offer 1 to 3 and 1 to 7 target ,or 1 to more versions instead of only the previous 1-3 version directly supporting NVMe protocol only. These models are now available through all our channels. Thank you all for your feedback and continued support!


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