August 17

Next Generation for PE Series


U-Reach is proud to introduce the next generation of the PE Series.

U-Reach had been working diligently to continuously improve our M.2/U.2 NVMe Solutions. Feedback improvements are just one of our core belief which U-Reach firmly stand behind. This trait is a key factor that push our team into providing better solutions, translating to offer a more efficient and effective product. Aside from sporting a new color scheme, there are other significant upgrades that second generation offer which is fat more than just skin deep.

There are two major upgrades that are integrated with next generation M.2/U.2 NVMe solutions. The first major change is an automated protocol detection for NVMe and SATA signals. It enables cross format and data replications, which is the key update from the first-generation solutions. This internal change will deliver more efficient operation experiences for users across the board. Next, the second major change is a redesigned 4-button control panel on the machine. It is twice as larger in design along with the mechanicals, materials, and physical housing; which prolongs the durability and longevity of the component. The advantages of cap-button construction compared to the previous faceplate design, is the increased lifetime range from 100,000 to now up to 200,000 actuations.

From the externals to the internals feature new designs and functionality that enhances this product. U-Reach is confident that the next generation M.2/U.2 NVMe solutions are cohesively improved compared to the previous generation.

Check details here.


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