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What is the difference between MDseries and uSATA series CD/DVD duplicator?

uSATA Series

Source:With a built-in USB port on the control, users can use USB to be the source and start the duplication. Also, flash card can be used as source via a single-device card reader.

Data Format from Flash:FAT16/32

Operation Interface:Add one USB port, and three buttons as "USB copy key", "Eject all disc" &"Select source

Function:User can use USB or disc as the source. And when pressing the "USB copy key", the data in USB will be fully copy to the disc. "Multi-session" is not included in uSATA series.

MD Series

Source:Users can directly copy the data in USB,CF,SD/MMC,MS/MS Pro via the built-in flash source ports

Data Format from Flash:FAT16/32

Operation Interface:Add different flash devices insert port for flash USB, CF, SD/MMC and MS/MS Pro.

Function:User can use USB /Flash or disc as the source. "Multi-Session" help to integrate data from different into on disc; "Disc-Spanning" will automatically span and copy your files into multiple discs.

Can I use a USB card reader to connect the flash source and the duplicator?

USB card readers can be used as the connection between flash devices and the duplicator. However,only a "Single device card reader" (as photo 1) can be used. If you use "Multiple devices card reader "(as photo 2), the duplicator will not correctly identify where the data is from.Because of this the duplication may fail.

Note: When you use "Multiple devices card reader" on PC, there will be more than one partition showed on the screen. For example, if you insert a 4 in 1 multiple card reader onto a PC, there will be 4 partitions showed on the screen.

What data format that iShare series can support from the USB or flash media?

iShare series support different source media, such as disc, USB and flash cards, but the source from USB or flash media should be FAT16/FAT32.

What is the difference between "Quick" copy and "Whole media" copy (Select Function 7.2 Copy area)?

1. Quick Copy :

(Select Function 7.2 Copy Area –System and files ) can smartly reduce copy time by copying only the area that contains data with supported format. When you select Quick Copy, the duplicator will analyze data first, such as data format, data size or data location…etc, then it will copy the data. If the target can not contain all the data from the source, it will immediately show copy fail.

2. Whole media copy :

(You can select Function 7.2 Copy Area –Whole Media.) Without analyzing data format and data size, the duplicator will copy the entire source flash bit by bit. This provides the safest copy method. However, this is also the slower of the two copy methods

Why is my copy job so slow?

UReach Flash duplicator can support high copy speeds up to 33MB/sec. If you find your Flash is slower than expected, please use Function 6.2 Measure speed to check the reading and writing speed of your Flash media.

What are the diagnostic tools in UReach Flash duplicator?

We can provide 3 diagnostic tools:

1. Function 4 Capacity Check : This function is used to find out the real capacity of the Flash media. This can help you to avoid buying fake Flash, and to assure the quality of your purchase.

flash capacity en

2. Function 6.2 Measure Speed : You can get the reading and writing speed of the Flash within 10 seconds. This function can either be a reference for the quality control or estimate the time required to copy a task.

3. Function 6.3 Media Check: This is the most complete quality inspection tool. Through complete bit-by-bit diagnosis, you can get reading and writing speeds of each Flash media during inspection. Also, this function can be used to check for any bad sector of each Flash media, it will be the best tool for quality control purpose.

How can I be sure of the accuracy of a duplication task?

We can provide 2 diagnostic tools:

1. To check the consistency of a source: Select Function 6.8 Calc. Checksum to record the checksum value and make sure there is a consistence source for every duplication task.

2. For the accuracy of a copied Flash: Select Function 2. Compare, and through the strictest hardware bit-by-bit comparison, you can double check the contained data after the copy is finished. This function can highly increase the security of data accuracy.

When I update BIOS, it shows "No Update File !!?

1. Please make sure the BIOS file is unzipped.

2. Make sure the BIOS file is stored at root directly, without any folder.

3. Change to a new Flash media to store the file, and make sure the flash media is of good quality.

4. Re-download and save the BIOS file again; the unstable transmission might cause the data loss.

5. Make sure the BIOS file corresponds with the product model.

Why does copy fail show immediately after I select start to copy?

1. Please make sure that your source data size is not bigger than the target and that the data location of the source has not exceeded the target Flash.

2. If you are copying NTFS format, please make sure the capacity of the target Flash is at lease 1MB larger than the source Flash.

3. Please check the source media in PC to see if it can be accessed with no error.

4. If you are copying from an SD card, please check to make sure that the SD card is not locked.

After copy, some ports show red lights and copy fail?

1. If you observe that the situation has happened in the same socket, this might be because the socket has been damaged. Please contact your local seller to exchange a new socket to solve the problem.

2. Are you using a card reader or convertor such as the MicroSD-to-SD convertor or USB card reader to copy SD/MSD/CF…etc? The quality of the convertor and card reader could be unstable. Please try using another brand of card reader. If you need to do a mass copy task, we strongly suggest that you select our professional Flash duplicator. For example, if you need to copy large quantities of MicroSD card, you can try our MicroSD or Combo Flash duplicator. This professional Flash duplicator can highly increase the performance and reduce the risk of mistakes.

3. Slowdown the transmission speed (for Flash 8 Series only):If you find that the fail rate is high, please select Function 7.9 Working Mode to slowdown the speed of data transmission. It can help you to increase the quality of the copy task.

4. Please do a second copy of the failed Flash. The characteristic of an unstable Flash might cause the data loss during copy. If you find your Flash media frequently needs more than one round of copy, that might be because the quality of your Flash is not stable. You can select Function 7.9 Working Mode to slowdown the speed of data transmission. This can help you to increase the quality of the copy task.

The duplicator can not identify my Flash card? After I insert Flash, there is no indicator and I can not select any function?

1. Are you using a card reader or convertor such as the MicroSD-to-SD convertor or USB card reader to copy SD/MSD/CF…etc? The quality of the convertor and card reader could be unstable, please try using another brand of card reader. If you need to do a mass copy task, we strongly suggest that you select our professional Flash duplicator. For example, if you need to copy large quantities of MicroSD card, you can try our MicroSD or Combo Flash duplicator. This professional Flash duplicator can highly increase the performance and reduce the risk of mistakes.
Please feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to provide the best solution.

2. Are you using ultra-slim/non-standard USB?If you are using ultra-slim USB, we suggest you to buy a USB extension cable. The connector for the USB extension cable, which is more compact, can solve the issue of USB not being detected.


3. Are you using multi-device?We can not support multi-device Flash media.A multi-slot, including "all-in-one", card reader is considered a multi-device if multiple memory cards can be accessed under corresponding drive and all drive letters appear simultaneously; for example,USB+MicroS.


Can I copy 2G to 1G ?

As long as the data size is smaller than the target Flash and the data location does not exceed the target Flash.

flash 2g 1g en

Can I copy 1G to 2G?

However, as a result from adopting bit-by-bit copy technology, the FAT table of the source Flash media will also be copied to the target Flash media. Therefore, after the copy is complete, the target 2G Flash media will be shown as 1G by your PC. You will need to reformat the Flash media to display 2G again. Therefore, we strongly suggested that you use the same capacity media for all duplication tasks.

What is the difference between Tower series and IT series?

Tower series is designed to apply with standard HDD enclosure supporting up to 7 targets. IT series has special platform design for heavy duplication manufacturers. It supports up to 15 targets. There are 4 major differences between Tower and IT:

1. IT series supports auto power control. When copy stop, HDD interface's power will automatically shut down, it can guarantee not to damage HDD while plug and pull. Because Tower series use standard HDD enclosure which support hot swap which allow HDD to pull and plug while the power not yet completely off.

2. IT is a platform design which supports 2.5, 3.5" SATA HDD and IDE HDD via SATA-IDE converter. Tower series can only support3.5" SATA HDD, and 2.5 “HDD via 3.5” to 2.5” converters.

3. The SATA interface is consumables which may wear and tear after a period of time of usage. Tower series requires changing the enclosure by opening from the tower case. IT series will be easier by just switch the SATA connector module.

4. The highest speed support from real test result. IT series is about 100MB/sec, while Tower series is 90MB/sec.

Can I duplicate HDDs between source and target have different capacity?

You can copy HDDs with different capacity. But you should be aware of the copy mode you do. If you do the quick data and system copy, duplicator will analyze if the data are located within the target capacity, it out of target capacity, it is not allowed to duplicate. If are copying NTFS format, the capacity of target HDD must be at least 1MB bigger than the source.Can I copy SSD HDD ?

The HDD duplicated by data and system quick copy mode, does target can work as the same as source HDD?

The duplicator can bit by bit duplicate the source HDD even the quick copy. The quick copy will analyze the HDD first, and duplicate all system and file of the source.

Can you support 3TB HDD duplication?


Can I put the data from different flash devices into a disc through uDISC?

IT series can support to copy SSD HDD. Because you can easily plug the SSD with standard SATA interface to the module. However, you should be careful that there are many types of SATA SSD with difference size of connector interface. If your SSD is not standard normal type of SATA, you need the find a converter for it.

Can I copy IDE HDD?

IT series can support to copy with a SATA-IDE converter. Please contact your distributor for purchasing the converter.

Can I copy SAS HDD?

IT/MT SAS series can copy.

Why copy fail?

There are few possible reasons might cause copy fail.

1. First of all, please check if the data in the source HDD has exceeded the target HDD.

2. If you are copying NTFS, the capacity of target HDD must be at least 1MB bigger than the source HDD.

3. If the copy stop and fail during the copy process, please check if the there are too many bad track in target or source HDD. You might increase the toleration of bad sector by Function 6.2 Skip Error.

4. If you can’t find the reason, please record the operation process as detail as possible in order to help us to examine your issue. a. how do you operate the duplicator ? b. the model number and version c. the brand, capacity , data size , format and partition of both source and target HDD. d. what is the problem and how is the LCD shows with pictures attached will be helpful.
Please download the support form from the website and we will help us as soon as possible.

Why copy slow?

There are few reasons will cause copy slow.

1. The speed limitation of HDD , please check the HDD by PC.

2. Please check if you put HDD as 0 degree horizontal or 180 degree vertical. Due to the design of HDD itself, any dip will slow the speed of HDD reading or writing.

3. If you are coping multi HDD at one time, please check if copy slow only happened on few fixed targets. It might because the connector module has damaged by usage. You might connect your local seller to change new connector module or mobile rack.

How can I make sure the accuracy of copy?

You can use Function 2. Compare to compare the source and target HDD bit by bit to ensure the data correctness.

Where can I buy the mobile rack or module?

Please contact your local seller, or contact us , we will help you to find the closest seller for you.

How many drives can be connected with Daisy-Chain technology?

UREACH’s Daisy chain duplicator is the leading edge of Blu-ray/DVD/CD duplicator technology. It can support maximum up to 255 (1 to 15)towers linkage to create maximum over 4000 pieces of disc in just one run duplication. There is no doubt that this technology can fit your need once you’d like to do mass production.

Would your Daisy-Chain contribute to unstable duplication?

The UREACH Daisy-Chain uses “Asynchronous” technology which makes it possible of nonstop duplication. When copy start, the data will be loaded to each duplication tower’s HDD, then each duplication tower in the daisy chain will start working simultaneously. They will follow the first tower’s instruction to start or to end the copying, however, the daisy chain duplication will not be affected by any interruption such as linkage broken, or power off, each tower can work independently to continue copying even without daisy chain linkage during the copying. Furthermore, when finished, each tower can continue the same source duplication by itself, no need to wait for other towers job finishing.

What is the protection function that BePro VideoLock duplicator can provide?

The most important feature that BePro duplicator can provide is to protect the video data against piracy. The technology embeds two copy mode:”PC enable” and “PC disable” to determine the intensity of protection. You can execute PC enable mode for playback on both of PC and DVD player, while PC disable mode for only play on DVD player to prevent PC playback and also PC copy.

Is there any limitation on the DVD discs?

BePro series enables you to create protected DVD video discs by a few steps of operation, no PC, special discs or proprietary software required. You just need to purchase any DVD-R regardless of brands, then you can easily make a copy-protection disc.

What is the difference among SATA series, BD series and BD-L series duplicator?

  • SATA Series

  • BD Series

  • SATA Series

Visual Identification:One layer green PCB control board


Characters:SATA series duplicator is the first one using DDR2 buffer memory which help to achieve high speed duplication and support 12xBD, 24xDVD, and 52x CD copy speed. Also Buffer from 128 to 512MB makes the duplication job more reliable and enhances the compatibility with different combination of optical drives and discs.

Why would the duplication fail?

Mostly we find the compatibility issue between optical drives and discs is the main factor affecting the result of duplication. To get better quality duplications, it is recommended that you:

1. Make sure of the quality of the CD/DVD: the better the quality of the blank discs you use generally will give you better duplication results. A scratched Master disc or a disc with obvious physical damage may cause the duplication to fail.

2. Make sure you have the correct type of CD/DVD: If the source disc is a copy-protected disc, the result of duplication may fail; Also, if the blank disc is not compatible with the source disc, such as a copy from a DVD to a CD, or from DVD9 to DVD5, the duplication may fail.

3. Make sure the working environment is satisfactory: it is important to keep the duplicator in a clean environment. The fan on the rear of the duplicator should be kept clean and allowed enough space for air to flow.

4. Make sure the reader or the burner is stable: the reader and burner are the key to a successful duplication job. So it is also important to select a qualified reader and burner for the duplicator.

5. Make sure the duplicator is working with sufficient power supply.

Can I copy 80mm mini discs? Are there any limitation on discs' size or types?

U-Reach CD/DVD duplicator supports all sizes of CD/DVD discs, including mini discs. For the best duplication job, we strongly recommend you use qualified CD/DVD discs, and not to run duplication with different capacity discs.

What is the maximum speed my Blu-ray/CD/DVD duplicator can reach?

U-Reach CD/DVD duplicator supports 12xBD, 24xDVD and 52xCD duplication. However, disc copy speed depends on the disc itself and the drive. If you use a blank BD disc which support only up to 8x , then the real copy speed can only reach up to 8x maximum.

What is uDISC for?

uDISC is a sophisticated and portable duplicator which combines flash source devices and a disc drive. It can easily backup your flash source onto a CD/DVD disc (un-erasable if so desired). And this device can benefit:

1. Writer or Reporter: uDISC saves the work when their paper, thesis, article or report is done.
2. Photographer or journalist: uDISC lets them backup important pictures or images right away on their discs, especially when they are out on the fields.
3. Forensic officers: uDISC helps them make sure evidence collected can be safely filed and remains original.
4. Salesman: uDISC helps them create and pass on discs immediately to customers who cannot access their flash devices.

Can I put the data from different flash devices into a disc through uDISC?

With built-in multi-session function in uDISC, you can collect the data from different flash devices onto one disc. And if your data won't fit in one disc, through Disc-Spanning technology, uDISC can automatically calculate the number of discs needed, and copy your data onto multiple discs.

How long does it take to finish one round of DVD duplication with full 4.7GB data in source?

The duplication speed corresponds with the speed of disc and drive. U-Reach CD/DVD duplicator can support 24xDVD. As for the most popular 16x DVD disc, it takes around 5-6 minutes to finish one round of DVD duplication with full 4.7GB data in the source.

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