October 26

New Intelligent USB3.0 Series is Announced!


USB 3.0 has become the mainstream of USB devices’ market; are you still using USB2.0 duplicators? U-Reach helps you to keep up-to-date and grab opportunities before others.

In the era of the data explosion, the capacity of USB devices and the amount of data that needs to be copied are multiplying. The transfer speed and the stability are the main two key factors satisfy users.

IntelligentU3 Series is desinged 4 times faster than USB2.0 duplicator. Continuously, we work closely with major Flash manufacturers to improve our compatibility and accumulated problem solving capabilities from huge data base of our existing worldwide customers.

Besides, IntelligentU3 includes unique diagnostic modes. Real USB3.0 signal detect is the function which PC cannot do. Similar to H2testw, we add on H2 test that users could examine a batch USBs instead of checking on PC one by one.  

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