High speed duplication of USB flash drive flash memory card with large target quantity

U-Reach is the only one can be able to duplicate more than one hundred targets at one time.

Speed doesn’t decline even duplicating large qty, because U-Reach has the unique multi-core duplication technology that provides independent data transfer channel. No matter targets are 100pcs or 200pcs, the duplication speed is exactly the same as copying one target. The Duplicator brings high production rate by its high efficiency, accurate bit-by-bit duplication, and high compatibility of multi-brand device.

All the most famous manufacturers world-wide appoint U-Reach as the supplier of Duplication Solution.

U-Reach has already provided Duplication Solution to numerous Manufacturing industries for more than decade. It is our pleasure thatU-Reach Duplication Solution is qualified production equipment for numerous global well-known corporations. We have developed the various types of equipments to truly meet the need of our customers by working with them.

Compare to other duplicator supplier, U-Reach provides cutting-edge duplication solution that supports biggest device capacity, most target quantity. Besides that, we developed other value that improves production efficiency. e.g., Quality Examination of USB drive, Speed and capacity Quick filtration Check, and Production management and yield analysis report which meets the need of Supervisor. We have considered several application environments and develop several models to meet different needs from different clients.

Auto loading duplication solution.