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Impeccable High Speed

U-Reach PHS-SAS Series PCIe SSD duplicator is capable of copying at 24GB/min. on all HDDs simultaneously, without any speed degradation as number of targets increase. This duplicator is great for manufacturers.

Hardware Overview

No waiting time required for duplication

When each round of duplication is completed, the next round can start immediately without having to wait or restart the machine

Intelligent Duplication Modes

U-Reach PCIe SSD duplicator offers a diverse of duplication modes. The user may select the appropriate mode based on application demand.

Illustration of Copy Modes

The areas containing data are marked in blue. The areas being copied are marked in red. Duplication time depends on the speed supported by the hard drive's controller chip.

Sanitization Methods

Cross Interface Duplication

U-Reach PHS-SAS Series PCIe SSD Duplicatpr can automatically detects NVMe/SAS signal facilitating cross interface/cross-protocol duplication.

When doing cross-protocol duplication, it is recommended to use a data disk. If you are copying OS system, it is recommended to use the same protocol device to ensure the device can boot into the operating system properly.

High Compatibility

Quick copy mode supports Windows (FAT16/32/64), Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4), and Mac (HFS/HFS+/HFSX) formats.
Whole media copy mode supports all system and proprietary formats.
Supports various brands.
Designed to support 18TB+ capacities.
Supports MBR and GPT partitioning.

Auto Rejection of Slow Devices

PHS-SAS Series M.2 PCIe SSD duplicator enable end-users to set the minimum writing speed threshold. This feature was developed to prevent and to eliminate problematic devices that halts the duplication and sanitizing process.

Dual data verification: Compare + CRC

In addition to the bit-to-bit comparison function, PHS-SAS uses the CRC international calculation standard to confirm the correctness of the data, and whether the source data is correct. User only needs to confirm the CRC value at the end of the copy, and can also confirm whether the copied data is correct.

-NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD Duplicator

PHS-SAS Series - 1-5 Auto-detect NVMe/SAS PCIe SSD Duplicator (PHS600SAS)

Main Features

  • Speed transfer up to 24 GB per minute.
  • Systems & files copy mode supports Windows (FAT16/32/64, NTFS), Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4, LVM) and Mac (HFS, HFS+, HFSX.)
  • U-Native: NVMe/SATA/SAS Native Protocol
  • NS21: NVMe and SATA/SAS
  • Standalone Operation No Waiting Time Required for Duplication
  • Event Log Report
  • CRC Checksum

Range, types

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