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PW series is an SSD duplicator which can support both SATA and M.2 interfaces at the same time. Only need to insert the device into the duplicator and copy data with one simple push of button without connecting to computer. The feature for PW series is that flexible platform-based design allows acceptance of external HDD enclosures and can duplicate various devices. Ex. mSATA, CFAST…etc. M.2 socket adapts auto-detect NVMe & SATA signal design which can execute cross-signal copy. Apart from M.2 cross-signal copy, it can execute SATA&M.2 cross-interface copy. PW series is the best choice for user with various type of storage devices to make efficient and high-volume copies.

-NVMe M.2 PCIe SSD Duplicator

PW Standard Series - Auto-detect NVMe/SATA PCIe SSD Duplicator

Main Features

  • Flexible Cross Interface Duplication
  • Standalone operation without waiting time for each round
  • Compare +CRC checksum = 100%accuracy
  • Flexible platform-based design for various type of devices

Range, types

3 versions 3-11 targets

PW400, PW800, PW1200

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