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4 Different Copy Modes

Quick Copy Mode

The duplicator automatically copies only the data area, supports Windows (FAT16/32/64/NTFS), Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4/LVM), and Mac (HFS/HFS+/HFSX).

Whole Media

The duplicator copies from the initial sector to the end, bit-by-bit.

Device All Partitions

Copies or skips HPA, DCO, unknown partitions, modified formats

Device Percentage (%)

Sets percentage of source capacity to copy.

Transfer Speed

U-Reach MT-G duplicators copy up to 9GB/min on all devices simultaneously, without any speed degradation as the number of targets increases.

Sanitization Functions
Erase Functionality Compliant with NIST SP 800-88r1 and DoD 5220-M Standards
Secure erase functions wipe drive contents within seconds

Verification of Data Integrity
Copies are straightforward, but it is imperative that the copied data are verified through a bit-by-bit process to ensure successful copies

Skipping Bad Sectors
End-users are given options to skip bad sectors from the source device.

Optional Adapters Supported
Support All types of SATA interface via different adapters.

Modular Cable Design
When cables wear out, users can quickly swap them out, saving time and money.

Event Log report
U-Reach MT-G duplicators have a unique mechanism to prevent alteration of its Event Log Report.
It records the operation results and other information of each device completely.

-CRU HDD Duplicators

High-Speed CRU HDD Duplicator

Main Features

  • Transfer speeds up to 9 GB per minute.
  • Supports system & files copy mode for Windows (FAT16/32/64, NTFS), Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4/LVM), and Mac (HFS, HFS+, HFSX).
  • Offers several different sanitation modes for your varying security needs including quick erase, full erase, DoD erase, secure erase, and US Army AR 380-19 erase.
  • Supports multiple SATA I/II/III and 4Kn HDD interface with its open platform design.
  • Supports 2.5"/3.5" SATA HDD/SSD and IDE HDD via IDE to SATA adapter (1 piece IDE to SATA adapter-TB1529 included)
  • Features an optional connection for real-time monitoring on a PC

Range, types

2 versions 7-15 targets


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