-USB Drive Duplicators

Silver Series 

USB Duplicator and Sanitizer

Main Features

  • Standalone, no PC required to operate the USB duplicator.
  • Compatible with the USB drive 2.0/3.0, external USB hard drive 2.0, 3.0, and other various USB devices.
  • Impeccable copy speed: up to 2GB per min for each port and up to 120 ports.
  • Supports all types of data format copying while doing bit for bit duplication.
  • Supports “quick copy” for Linux (ext2/ext3/ext4), MAC (HFS/HFS+/HFSX) and NTFS, FAT16/32, exFAT.
  • Can handle the largest USB stick capacity on the market.
  • Can handle USB-HDD capacity for over 3TB.
  • Easy quick swap USB module maintenance.

Range, types

7 versions 4-119 targets

UB905S, UB910S, UB920S, UB930S, UB940S, UB960S, UB9120S

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