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UB600 is the best portable 1 to 5 USB Drive Copier. Its lightweight design and friendly interface allows easy operation for personal, office and shop applications. Just plug in your master USB device in the source port, target device in the target ports, and press "OK", it will execute copy.

The unit is an FPGA-based, standalone design which means no need PC support or any installation procedures. When the system is turned off, no data is left in it, so there is no risk of virus infection. While switching on and off, it quickly boots up and shuts down, saving time for operation.

Besides copy, the UB600 quickly checks Flash device quality as well. The checking capability assists with identifying which Flash devices are defective. Capacity Check enables you to find out the real capacity of a Flash device and Speed measuring helps you to check each Flash device's reading and writing speed.

-USB Drive Duplicators

Carry Series
USB Drive Copier 1 to 5

Main Features

  • Standalone, no PC required, without risk of virus infection.
  • Lightweight, user friendly design.
  • "Quick Copy" saves time.
  • Data Sanitization: quick erase, full erase, and DoD erase.
  • High-speed copy performance supports up to 2.0GB per minute.
  • Designed support capability up to 2TB.
  • Quick check function easily reveals defective Flash devices.

Range, types

1 version 5 targets


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