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The Best Solution to Critical Users Seeking Zero Mistakes


With portable electronic devices becoming more and more common, the role of the NAND flash as the main storage device has become increasingly relevant. The quality, as well as, the price affects users greatly. Let us review from the aspect of the NAND flash technology structure and the grade of the chip used.

The type of chip used in NAND flash can be classified as SLC, MLC, and TLC. The quality of SLC flash is good and durable, with the number of uses reaching over 100,000 times. It’s mostly used in aviation devices and high-end industrial computing, but the high cost is beyond the reach of common enterprises and users. 

MLC and TLC flash in comparison to SLC, is cheaper to produce, available in higher storage capacities, but at the tradeoff of relatively shorter life spans. TLC flash, on the other hand, because of its fast read and write speed; low power consumption and low cost helped to occupy a large section of the market. 

The downside of the TLC flash is its durability, it lasts through only about 500-1,000 uses. The storage media which is frequently used in daily life may easily lead to error in accessing it and the loss of data saved to it.

Then, how do you ensure the accuracy of data copied into it?

The intelligent 9 golden series USB duplicator developed a double source comparison mechanism for verification. When duplicating, the data is read from the first port as a copy source and the comparison of data is done through the second port as a compare source. Only when the logic behind the input and output of data transmission is the same will the verification be passed. It is like giving the data copied, double protection. The probability of a mistake during data copy is 0.00001. At present, it is the strictest verification method.

High rigidity and efficiency at work is a quality that cannot be done away with. It is also the value of U-Reach.

If you have high expectations for duplication quality, then U-Reach i9 is the answer.


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