November 14

It’s the Generation of PCIe SSD


The latest in high speed multimedia storage, PCIe SSD, is finally here. The improvement on the computer’s main storage was primarily made to its speed and capacity. 

The SSD’s speed is being restricted due to the limitation of SATA 6Gb/sand SAS 12Gb/s interfaces, but the PCIe SSD has overcome all these obstacles. The latest generation of NVMePCIeSSDbrings with it an unprecedented speed that not only dramatically shortens the boot time, and its read/write speed makes operating smooth and fast.

UReach’s PCIe Duplicator

Ureach’s PCIe duplicator simultaneously copies up to 20 PCIe SSDs with a speed of 18 GB/minute per port.

PE600 (1-5)PE1100 (1-10)PE1600 (1-15)PE2100 (1-20)
BM600  PE1100 (front) NV BM1600 1 NV BM2100 1


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