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CRU Rackmount Duplicator (4U 19" rackmount) is expandable and can support between 1 and 254 targets CRU HDD. U-Reach adopted a unique multitasking technology that can simultaneously copy targets with a higher transfer speed of 9GB per minute.

We guarantee the highest productivity without speed degradation. It supports the DX115 DC Carrier, and is currently the biggest CRU HDD duplicator on the market. There is no set up or software installation required and it is simple to connect to another KV500-C or KV600-C unit to extend target duplicator.

-CRU HDD Duplicator

CRU Rackmount Series
HDD/SSD Duplicator and Sanitizer

Main Features

  • Clones hard disk data sector by sector.
  • Supports hard drive capacities up to 18TB or above.
  • Speed transfers of up to 9 GB per minute.
  • Supports all major OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, proprietary systems (RAID*) and other standalone systems.
  • Data Sanitization: quick erase, full erase, secure erase, and DoD erase.
  • It supports the DX115 DC Carrier and is currently the biggest CRU HDD duplicator on the market.
  • "Daisy-Chain" technology makes production more efficient as the number of connections increase. (Patent No.: US 9,349,408 B2)

Range, types

2 versions 4-6 targets

KV500C, KV600C

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