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One Hard Drive can Backup Several Source Drives

It can store several drive images on a "Big Master HDD".

Easy to Restore Source Image Back to its Original HDD

Just select the specific image you need and restore it back to its original HDD.

Clear LED Indicators
Each ports has 3 color indicators. It shows the real time status.

• Red Indicator: Fail
• Green Indicator: Pass/OK
• Yellow Indicator: Powered

Easy to carry, Multiple Purpose

Supports Various type of Interfaces

  • Supports 2.5", 3.5" SATA HDD & SSD without adapter.
  • Supports IDE, mSATA, SATA DOM, eSATA, iVDR, M.2(NGFF) and MicroSATA with additional adapter.
-Mini Series - Goblin Series

1:1 Goblin Image Maker

Main Features

  • Standalone, no PC/software required to operate the duplicator.
  • One big master HDD for backup several source drives.
  • Easy to restore source image back to its original HDD.
  • No data compression.
  • Light weight and portable design.

Range, types

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