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The CF tower series from U-Reach is the most economical way to copy CF cards with a professional duplicator. We used our knowhow from disc duplicator controllers in the past to create this product. It is very easy to use and reliable to make your production safe. Just put your master CF card in the source port and copy to your empty target CF cards.

With the speed of 66MB/sec on each port the unit is faster then most CF cards in the market. So the system is always a lot faster than the used CF devices itself. In the end the CF cards are the bottleneck of your production in many situations.
As the copy is done with bit-by-bit copy mode the result will satisfy the user at any time. With the copy & compare function you can even be 100% sure your new targets are exactly the same as your master.

If there is really the need of copy faster let us know. We will show other products that can match almost every inquiry.

The units work standalone that means there is no need of a PC. Just plug in the power cord of the system, turn on the unit and start the production.
The unit is operated with the internal Controller with 4 buttons and a LCD display which is very easy to operate.

For all our units U-Reach offers free firmware updates so we make sure there is a high compatibility to new chips and controllers in the market.

If you have the need of copying CFast cards you can purchase additional CFast card adapters from U-Reach. Just put the CF to CFast adapters into the unit and plug the CFast cards inside the adapter.

-CF/CFast Duplicators

SuperB CF towers

Main Features

  • Supports the latest market available capacity.
  • Supports all brands of CF cards.
  • Supports CFast (requires optional adapter)
  • Designed support capability up to 2TB.
  • Embedded controller is designed to support capacities up to 2TB.

Range, types

5 versions 7-47 targets

CF808T, CF816T, CF824T, CF832T, CF840T, CF848T, CF856T, CF864T

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