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The simplified user interface makes it easy to operate and understand at one glance. The touchscreen enables the user to erase the drive displayed using their finger to tap and facilitates faster operational displays.

Multiple Erase Modes
It offers users to choose the erasure mode to perform in the hard drive and check whether the drive was erased. The various erasing options make the GT864 ideal for governments, data centers, financial sectors, and medical centers for data destruction. Erasure modes with multiple options are available for selection to wipe off confidential data in the drive. We provide 7 erasure options, including 1Pass Erase (00), 1-Pass Erase (Random number), US DoD 5220.22-M, US DoD 5220.22-M ECE, NSA Erase, Military AR380-19 Erase, BMB21-2007 (Chinese Security Bureau).

User-defined Erase Modes
Other than the existing erasing functions, users can also define their erasing modes, specify the number of rounds (up to 40 rounds), and the value to be written in each round, including 00, FF, random numbers, comparisons, and you can also input the way of hex values.

S.M.A.R.T. Attributes with Detailed Descriptions
The touchscreen displays complete information of every single drive you connect, including hard drive model, version, serial number, capacity, S.M.A.R.T. Info, and the data written for erasure. In addition to the on-screen display, the report also indicates all the detailed info synchronously when it is printed as proof of erasure. Users can refer to the information provided by the S.M.A.R.T. Info only when the command is supported by the hard drives.

Blue Fast Key
To raise the data erasure efficiency greatly, each hard drive is not limited by its different capacities. With the press of the Fast Key, the next hard drive can be erased independently and immediately without having to wait till all the others are completed.

Supports Various Interfaces
Modular cabling design highly increases efficiency. Aside from SAS/SATA drives, optional adapters are available for other storage devices, such as mSATA/M.2 SSD/CFast adapters, etc. Please contact UReach sales team for optional adapters.

No PC or Internet Required
Being connected to the Internet comes with many risks, including computer viruses, data doctoring, equipment management, etc. The GT864 does not have to be connected to the internet and computer. Standalone operation for data erasure greatly protects the data from being leaked and enhances the data security level.

ISO Conformed Data Eraser
Whether it is to ensure data is overwritten securely or to retain records of data wiping , the GT864 keeps records of data erasing, exports erasure logs, and rechecks if the drive was erased completely. Compliance with ISO norms and standards, the GT864 is the best choice when customers encounter the need to replace their old storage media with new ones for data security and management.

-Erasers & Destroyers

GT Series SATA/SAS Touch Screen HDD Data Eraser (GT864)

  • Touchscreen
  • Multiple Erase Modes
  • User-defined Erase Modes
  • S.M.A.R.T. Attributes with Detailed Descriptions
  • Blue Fast Key
  • Supports Various Interfaces
  • No PC or Internet Required
  • ISO Conformed Data Eraser

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