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This Discproducer offers vibrant and detailed prints that are smudgeproof and water resistant, thanks to the Epson's advanced print technology and ink.

Cost effective
Users are able to produce over 1,000 prints per set of ink cartridges. Also, the PP-100NII uses a separate cartridge for each colour.

Peace of mind
Optical discs are a dependable format for long-term storage - withstanding magnetic fields, water, humidity or dust, they provide peace of mind that data is secure. It’s also future-friendly, as even the newest drives are still able to read the very first CDs.

-Disc Duplicators

-EPSON Disc Producer line

Discproducer PP-100NII
Simple disc publishing

Main Features

  • Full network capability Manage the jobs of multiple users simultaneously
  • Built-in control board Up to 120 jobs can be stored on the internal hard drive
  • Software support Full software support and tools, included
  • High-quality print Detailed prints that are smudge proof and water-resistant
  • Cost-effective Over 1,000 print per set of ink cartridges

Photo-realistic printing and fully automated BD/DVD/CD reproduction in one neat package.
The Discproducer PP-100NII is a Blu-ray, DVD and CD publisher that combines proven features and a compact design. It's the ideal solution for users who need to burn and print discs on a regular basis. The PP100NII can be used over a network and has been optimised to receive up to five jobs simultaneously from different users, and will publish them conveniently and reliably.


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