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Discus DMC.Ripster
Discus Ripster Automatic import station for DICOM optical media
You want to import a big amount of DICOM patient CDs into your PACS? The DISCUS Ripster is the solution for the mass import of DICOM CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Equipped with 1 and up to 10 drives the DISCUS Ripster is a reliable machine to import a great number of DICOM optical media into PACS.

With the DICOM Ripster our costumers save on time and personal, avoiding the manual read of sometimes thousands of media. The robot automatically transfers the data into a specific area of the PACS or into a NAS. If desired certain DICOM header contains could be modified (e.g. Prefix “CD_” preceding the patients ID). During the completely cleaning of the imported data, the software modifies the header with its own organizational data based on the entries of the DICOM Modality Worklist or the HL7 notes. This happens in compliance with the IHE-Profiles Import Reconciliation Workflow( IRWF). In combination with our control software the importer robots can be integrated to any PACS.

-Discus Series

Discus Ripster

Main Features

  • Available as rental solution with pay per use!
  • ADR industrial robot Tornado
  • 1-10 configurable drives
  • Easy operation
  • 125-600 disc capacity
  • CD / DVD / Blu-Ray
  • Support of all formats

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