August 24

Cheetah or Kitten?


U-Reach is not the first one announces USB 3.1 USB Duplicator on the market. However, U-Reach Super U3 Series USB 3.1 Duplicator is definitely the most high-speed USB 3.1 copy system on the market.

U-Reach is proud to announce the ultra-high speed Super U3 Series USB3.1 Tower Duplicator. The peak speed for single port can reach up to 16GB/min (260MB/sec). It is specially designed for external hard drives which brings high efficenecy on high capacity duplication. Besides, Super U3 is an professional inspection tool as well. It combines USB 3.1/2.0 Signal Detection with Media Check Function that significantly increases Quality Checking convenience.

About hardware design, Super U3 is using inside daisy-chain techonology and product models are extended by 4 ports module. From 4ports until 48 ports, the flexibility is easy for users find suitable models for various production plans. 


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